Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lazy Cook Kitchen Gadget - Ricecooker

Well I have been writing about kitchen devices and this time a gadget. It is important to have these stuff around to use in lazy cooking. So we need some familiarization with them and next time what recipes I have to make use of all these utensils and gadgets. So Wikipedia says:

A rice cooker or rice steamer is a self-contained tabletop kitchen appliance for cooking rice. There are electrical and gas powered versions. The term can also refer to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven. Dedicated rice cookers date from long ago in human history. A ceramic rice steamer dated to 1250 BC is on display in the British Museum.

 Definitely the use of rice cooker is not only to cook rice. It can be a steamer as well and a good device to reheat or keep food warm. No worries of food getting burnt. What I do is to put inside it water and a ceramic bowl that contains the food I am reheating. Well there's a challenge do of bringing out the bowl tendency you get to have to feel some burning sensation in your fingertips.

With the help of a rice cooker, I consider a fantastic device to cook those lazy one-meal dish (e.g. my own version of risotto or paella). Where you I have kanin and ulam at the same time (rice and dish viands all-in- one). And most of the time I would just make use of canned goods to add to the rice.

Watch out for the recipe in the next posting.

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