Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy cook loves to reheat like eating Hopia

I just recently received from my good friend from the Philippines several packets of Hopia.

From wikipedia (

Hopia (traditional Chinese: 好餅; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: hó-piáⁿ; literally "good biscuit") is a popular Filipino bean filled pastry originally introduced by Fujianese immigrants in urban centres of the Philippines around the start of the American civil occupation. It is a widely-available inexpensive treat and a favoured gift for friends and relatives. There are two types, the flaky type which uses Chinese puff pastry and the cake dough type which uses a soft cookie dough similar in texture and taste to the wrapper dough for fig newtons.

Since they have been stocked for several days or months they would become dry, coarse and tough. One way to make them tastier is to steam them a bit then after bake it for a minute. I believe it will be different if you microwave it (anyway I do not have microwave) and it relieves me of microwave paranoia.

So the hopia once steamed and baked becomes more juicy and oily; it brings out the aroma of the flavor enhanced by crispy sesame seeds covered flakes.

Lazy cook loves to reheat and eat, try it with your hopia

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